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Nicole Bourcier Photographer/Artist/Author


This Will now be my BLOG PAGE for any news from me



Please DO NOT EVER CONTACT ME IN ANY FORM EVER AGAIN. Get on with your own lives and leave me alone as that is all I have ever wanted (as you well know but won't accept as you prefer to bully!) I will not be constantly persecuted and bullied by mail, email ,phone EVEN WHEN I WAS IN HOSPITAL,. YOU ARE NOT MY NEXT OF KIN AND AS FAR AS YOUR BEHAVIOUR HAS BEEN NEVER HAVE BEEN AND I LEAVE NOTHING TO YOU IN MY WILL - so desist! I have asked Mother to tell you all so many times but to no avail so I am having to resort to the only way I can be sure you will get the message.. It is sick and not in a good way

Something's Cooking!


Because of the #Lockdown more and more people are finding they either do not want to go to the shops for that loaf of Bread or can't find any there when they do. So what better time I thought to do a few videos to show anybody 'how to make their own'. But because I was in the process of trying to move but then the virus hit us all I am packed up meaning tools for the video are scarce and not only that ingredients are scarce too as I am having problems sourcing any food for me HA.
Even so, my videos go to show how easy it is to make Bread and a little surprise treat too!
So laugh with me along the way and enjoy watching my first ever cooking videos.

A True Story


Firstly my apologies for orientation of photos in my story but it never seems to upload them the right way up. I must read up on that!! Hope it does not spoil your enjoyment too much.

My TRUE story starts many years ago in my local video store that I used to frequent being a keen film fan. This particular day I had decided to look through the ex -rental now for sale items, when I picked up a film called The Legacy seeing the name of an actress I like 'Katharine Ross' and on reading the reverse there was a photo and mention of 'Roger Daltrey' at £5 I thought it a bargain indeed, even if the film itself turned out to be awful. Little did I realise what this buy could mean.

I watched the film and aside from the main point of the film which will be evident if you have watched it and I hope you have or what I am about to tell you will be wasted but from that moment I loved the HOUSE with all its chimneys, the Setting, the Decor (forget the gory stuff) the Horses it really looked a Dream House to me.

Many years later finding myself in a moving house situation, I started looking now usually I would just opt for a practical sensible tick the boxes house for what is needed rather than what I would want/choose. Obviously money dictates the limitations of such a scenario but on searching I found one house that was appealing and also at least had more than one chimney and it was like the film house also made of stone rather than all brick. Although it was never going to have the dimensions or land of my dream house it was closer than I ever thought I would get.

While waiting to move house I took myself on a last day out in my old area . There was one place I wished to visit I wanted to go to see William Morris' house. I was sure I knew where to get off the train as I had studied the National Trust map. A weird thing happened though that day as sure as I was, I ended up getting off the train in Sevenoaks Kent and jumping in a cab saying 'Take me to The Red House please'. The cab driver did not argue and seemed to drive purposefully onwards. We arrived at a business of some description and this he told me was The Red House. 'Oh No' this is not the place I wanted to go to at all, I must have got in a muddle'. I said . Knowing that I would now not make it to the location that day I asked the driver ' if there were any National Trust houses locally?'. He drove me to Knole House. I knew then that it was also a place I had wanted to visit and understood how I had got confused and not having the map to hand, I had arrived at the other place I had wanted to visit.
I digress slightly, What I did find out that day is. my surname was all over this place from a clock tower to a gallery of paintings, one of which caught my eye as it beared the name 'Walsingham'. #TheLegacyFilm
I also later found a church nearby that has stained glass windows one of which again has my surname! So it was quite a day for finds. Tombraider extraordinaire!!!

Fast forward now to me moved into my new house. Aside from the few chimneys and it being stone no other resemblances to the film were apparent-or so I thought.... but on entering the kitchen you could not mistake the colour scheme it was identical to Maggies house in L.A.
Kitchen/L.A. Colours 2
Kitchen/L.A. Colours

Just putting that down to coincidence I said to myself 'Well, I only own dogs, even if one is a Rottweiler like in the film, I don't own cats so there will not be all the cats in the kitchen like in the film'. How wrong I was!!! For over by the Cooker/Oven on the wall was this...
Two Black Cats

The next thing I found was that the bedroom I had decided to use as mine had a fireplace (although no way near as ornate) it had the exact shade of green tiles that are at the back of the bed in Maggie's bedroom, also the orientation of the room was exactly the same so I made some panelling to create the look and feel. One day while tidying up the garage I found and old rug! After cleaning see my photo of it in place by the fireplace it is identical again! Weird or what!!!
Bedroom Rug /Fireplace Colour

So if that hasn't got all of you Amazed and as dumbfounded as I felt. My final find clinched it for me!
Yes there is more! My old horse passed and had to be replaced to keep my new riding horse company. I really wanted to find a horse I could ride but instead ended up with a rescue Black horse just like one featured in film (see my Horse news story for info on him) So only missing the white horse!

But back inside the house ... I thought I couldn't possibly find anything more to do with this film I was wrong. On entering one room I saw this looking at me ...


Yes another Cat but this was a light coloured cat with blue eyes just like Nurse Adams in the film. But this is not a nurse I hear you say.... It is sort of, as this photo proves as this Nurse Adams cat is a Wet Nurse! Toilet roll holder!

Nurse cat

So there you have it! My little story of a film and my house and a lot of coincidences.

Cookbook Update


When I wrote my cookbook I did not allow for one thing - As people we evolve all the time as we learn and grow as people. So due to this fact I am here to inform you all that some recipes in my cookbook I can no longer promote due to articles I have read I found out that Mushrooms - even if identical in shape and colour are just like us and are all unique.
This was indeed food for thought as we may well be able to say that of all our food but given the fact that these are also a type of fungus, I felt wary about promoting their use in any way.
I will be adding some new recipes as additional insert sheets in my cookbook for any new orders.
I am not saying there is or even could be anything wrong with eating edible mushrooms but as I and no-one could be sure, I want to look after people's health as much as possible as this is the reason I wrote a cookbook, so they are now to be omitted

Selling my Soul, well nearly


There I was watching Bedazzled film 1967 version for the hundredth time or so and I immediately came up with a devil of an idea. Am I going to sell my soul?Well in a way, yes. As times are hard with my health not being as good as it once was and animals need feeding, so I am making a once in a lifetime, and it has taken mine to get a large archive of photography and even video footage and I am giving somebody the opportunity to buy my archive. You can have your choice of images or a complete package to use as you wish so long as I still get the photo credits. In other words- you will not be able to claim you have been the photographer of each image or film. How Much? Well I am looking for enough to see me and my animals out, however long that maybe. A small price to pay for a lifetime of images.
Serious Offers Only invited. Please use my contact form in first instance

My Calendars 2019 and Postcard Set


Big news is that my 2019 Calendars are now available to order at a cost of £9.99 inc of p&p each UK only if outside UK contact me for postage price at cost.. To order simply fill in the contact form . Postcard Sets comprising of five different photos in one set, are available now at a cost of £5 per set inc p+p



Big news is that my 2019 Calendars are now available to order at a cost of £9.99 inc of p&p each UK only if outside UK contact me for postage price at cost.. To order simply fill in the contact form . I cannot accept orders for my postcards sets yet!

Calendar 2019 , Postcards Set


Exciting news! As I will soon have available for the first time ever, a Wall Calendar for 2019, AND again for the first time ever a Postcard Set. More details coming shortly. I have been working very hard to choose photographs I would personally like so I do hope you will like my choices. It has been much more time consuming than I anticipated but then everything I do always is. I will initially be doing some #Giveaways on twitter, so do follow me if you don't already. I will update you all as soon as I have the items in my hands to show you all and I for one cannot wait to see them.

Calendars and Postcards for 2019


Just to say I am going to try to get some of my photographs available for the first time ever as Calendars and Postcards , in time for 2019.. They will be available to pre-order from my website here soon. So watch this space and keep your fingers crossed...... .

Pottery Ideas and Potter-y News


I hope you all may have noticed that I have started a Pottery Gallery to show my work. Although far away right now I have just added two new dishes and covers, Ideal for adding Christmas Sparkle to any table. Not just pretty though, useful to serve a Christmas Pudding or Christmas Cake or hiding Christmas treats. Anybody interested in ordering/stocking any of my Pottery items please get in touch by using my contact page. Thank You.

I really hope I may have some news soon of some pottery items I am longing to show you all, but as I am awaiting approval (story of my life!) I will have to keep you all in suspense, (and myself) until word reaches me and I hope it will be 'yes' rather than 'no'. Especially as I have many ideas on this front, and it would be an awful shame if others are not able to delight in my inspirational pieces. They really will bring a smile to any face beside the fact they are useful.

Going to Pot


As you know I have been hand-making my little figures from clay for sometime which can be viewed on my Artworks page. Now I am here to announce a new Gallery page on my website : Pottery.
This is where I shall show you photos of my items I make and design for the Home using my ideas inspiration and art to create I hope a vibrant and innovative new concept in home items for the kitchen or whatever Idea may come to me. Do check out my Pottery page and I hope you will like this new journey of items to look forward to.
Who knows where it may lead

Latest News Update


It has been awhile since I have updated my website but I have not been idle, I have been making and doing allsorts. I am really self taught when it comes to drawing as I don't really count school. I had never been taught how to paint at all. well I cannot say that anymore as I have had some lessons. I wish I had been brave enough to paint years ago now and not stuck to only pencils and felt-tip pens, anyway I will be adding any paintings I have. here on my artworks page, in case anybody is actually interested in my art paintings. My favourite so far is an oil painting I have done of a character from one of my favourite films, those of you that follow me on twitter will probably know what film that is. Seeing the painting may give you a hint or not. Also my Swan painting I like as I had always wanted to try painting one

Also I have been to a pottery class to check that I am making my self taught figures correctly and it seems I was, thankfully. As I don't fancy trying to remake the 35 or so I have made to date, had I got it wrong.

In my other news I have made some wood paneling, as I had always wanted some but could not find nor afford the real thing. If anybody is interested in my paneling for a patent. who knows! I am wasted ha.My latest twitter avatar shows paneling in background

I was pleasantly surprised to find Monty Roberts is following me on twitter, may be he liked my horse videos on my youtube channel.

Lastly. the funny thing is sometimes it takes trying new things to re-establish where your passion lies and mine is still more than ever with photography despite the painting and pottery.

I miss my music portrait photography as not really having the opportunity lately, but I am trying to get a little time slowly to get out my camera again

Keep you posted!

Christmas 2016 NEWS


Just to say some of you may have noticed I lost my dear horse last year and so had found a new one but as it was in the U.S.A couldn't bring it to the U.K. Having contacted some charities they had nothing needing a home, I was at a loss. Until I happened to see an advert for a big driving horse saying he had bad conformation and was as cheap a price as I have ever seen at £200 to good home. I went to see him worried a more unscrupulous person may want him at that price. 'Oh No.' on chatting with owner it appeared he was living out and doing his own thing since that stopped racing it!!! The horse was beautiful much with the looks of the 'Zorro Tornado' horse or the' Lloyds bank' type. He looked as if he needed a good dose of routine and attention as he didn't want to leave my side prompting the owner to say to me 'you two seem to have bonded already'. ' I will take him' I said and after adding up various costs for needed vaccinations, worm medication and feet trimming, I phoned up to say I may need to spend the same again to get him up to date. Well this has never ever happened to me! On the 23rd of December 2016 they bought him to me and said here is your Christmas gift box'. So I can safely say it was my best Christmas Present ever. I am not sure he will ever be ride-able and I have tried (yee-ha) but he is already a new best friend. I went with the old adage 'Never look a Gift-horse in the mouth'

I would just like to say a huge 'Thank You' to the total strangers to me that have entrusted me to give their horse a home

hope you like the story Here he is


My Website Update


Hopefully some of you will have noticed changes to my website, also you will notice there is not quite so much to see, as I felt most of us do not have time to look at too much on one website. I hope however to change the content more often. I have nearly finished the new look, so I hope you like it! I have lots more Artwork, and Photographs than is shown here, but it really is just a platform to give an idea of what I have done or can do. Please keep checking back anytime. Nicole

My Website


My Website is having a makeover, so I ask for your patience as changes take place, Thank You.

The Rocking Horse (promo film)


Here is a short film promo I have made for my children's book, 'The Rocking Horse.' It is all my own work. I even played the music (piano and chimes badly) on the film. Hope you all enjoy it! It does not give away any plot to the book, so don't think it does! It is just my imagination doing the best it can, to transport you to the enchanting world it all takes place in. I still have my finger's crossed it may be a film one day!



Greetings! I recently made a quick video of a scene from the UK sitcom Bread,as my dog seems to have taken on the role of Mongy Boswell (the dog from said series) You can view it and hope you like it, just a bit of fun. If you want to stay up to date with any other videos I may post subscribe to my you tube channel, Thanks and Happy Viewing

My Super-Fast Christmas Pudding Recipe


My Super-Fast Christmas Pudding
Christmas Pudding

preparation time:
15 minutes
Cooking time:
45 seconds
You will need:
A microwave oven
An individual size microwave-proof pudding mould
cling-film to cover

2oz Dried Sultanas
2oz Dried Mixed Fruit
1level dessertspoon of cut mixed peel
1 dessertspoon of Black Treacle
1 slice of thick bread (crusts removed)
1 teaspoon of Sherry
1 dessertspoon of Dark Rum
1 teaspoon of Brandy
Pure white vegetable lard for greasing (most important)


1) Grease your pudding mould fairly thickly with the vegetable lard. (in other words so that you can see a coating)
2) Measure-out dried Sultanas, Fruit and Mixed peel and place in a bowl.
3) Take your piece of bread (crusts removed) and break the slice into small pieces and place in the bowl with the fruit.
4) Add the treacle and the Sherry, Rum and Brandy, and mix really well until it looks like (picture 1) and the treacle has covered the bread and fruit, giving it the traditional Christmas pudding colour. picture 1

5) Now mix again with your hands until it forms a stiff-ball. You can now place it into your mould.
6) Press the pudding mix down gently but firmly into your mould with the back of a large spoon.
7) Cover mould top with cling-film and pierce film a few times. (see picture2)

8) Cook in microwave on full power for 45 seconds based on a 750w microwave.
9) Allow to stand for one minute as per microwave instructions, then tap sides of mould before turning-out onto a serving plate. (see Picture3 which shows serving suggestion of non-dairy cream and homemade brandy butter )
Christmas Pudding

I hope you enjoy this recipe which I hope to have available in my next cookbook, but don't let that stop you getting my first cookbook which is available from me here. Also, if you have tried and like this recipe, please make a comment on my guestbook. Thank You

Children's Book News


I have the absolutely super news that The Kent and East Sussex Railway (K&ESR)that features in my children's book are now involved! The Rocking Horse book along with a choice of a free poster is now available at their Gift Shop in Tenterden. The Steam Railway and the Station in Northiam plays an integral part in the story. So you can see the scenes and places recreated in my book and even ride on the steam trains. I did, and had a smashing time! There is so much to see!