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Nicole Bourcier Photographer/Artist/Author

My Health Blog Page

Welcome to My Natural Health Blog Page written by me your Natural Health Hippie Guru! HA (Must add a apt photo here)

Disclaimer:- All the information/advice given here is purely based on my own personal experience and as we are all different I can accept no responsibility for it. It is my own personal guide only and always check with your Doctor before changing any of your diet. I AM NOT a Doctor. If you are on any medications do please consult your Doctor..

WARNING: Some of the blogs may have graphic references/language regarding health etc.

Introduction to my Beliefs

I am going to cut to the chase in this blog simply because I cannot easily have access/time/programs necessary to be able to write lots and also because I know whenever I watch videos on any topic of interest it can become most annoying when 20 minutes of watching they still haven't covered the topic question you watched it for!
Right, here is a synopsis of me

Virgo=star sign concerned with HEALTH
Believes in= natural medicine and cures/prevention and only would use conventional medicine as a last resort even for a headache.
To Date= Sickly early childhood, meaning I took strong interest in health so as not to be ill as I knew it was NO FUN ever.
Lastly, I found that due to three accidents in last five years I have been told I have bad kidneys, something on my liver (unidentifiable) and they think possible ovarian cancer too! I have been through all the tests I want to be put through.
So far that all sounds pretty bad doesn't it?

My next part of this story takes me back about 10 years ago, as I got shingles to my forehead and outer area of my eyes. Although I had to rush back to Doctors one day as shortly after taking anti-viral tablets of a low strength, my eyes started to swell up with one closing. The Doctor I saw had to phone through to ophthalmic dept. of hospital to check it hadn't entered my eyes as I was told then I could be blinded.
It hadn't! I took the stronger tablets prescribed and it eventually got better but because it was caught late it had done damage to my hands. I went back to my Doctor for advice as I couldn't stand to be in the cold without my hands changing colour- white/blue or completely numb fingers. The Doctor told me I had nerve damage and because of this I would need to take a tablet everyday for good! 'Because if you don't you could faint that is why your hands change colour, your circulation is bad now'
However, my Doctor went onto say that the tablets I would have to take had a side-effect that is they can also make me faint, but without warning!. ' Damned if you do, Damned if you don't ' I thought and said 'Thank You but I will find my own cure as I could be driving the car or riding the horse'. He looked at me with uncertainty at my ability.
Time was not on my side as I had by now got a secondary infection of reynauds syndrome , meaning my knuckles on my hands were swollen, cracking and bleeding. I was scared. I needed to find a cure so researched online. I found a 'NATURAL' cure and immediately cut out 'Caffeine' from my diet. I have never known what it must be like to go 'COLD TURKEY' until I cut out a lifetime of caffeine. I loved coffee to drink and ice-cream, my favourite flavour is coffee, and as kid I never drank water, but always drank coca-cola (more caffeine as the other newer versions minus caffeine weren't invented then) So it was the strangest sensation ever to suddenly stop.
I got better and my hands got about as good as I felt they would ever be to normal again.

Later as you will see above I have found I have possibly many problems since various accidents, followed by tests, x-rays, scans. Which resulted in me having to take anti-biotics due to a bladder infection to kidneys as again it was not caught in time so it was progressing for a whole year before my collapse and rush to hospital then six months later it got worse again rushed to hospital but this time they asked for what they hadn't the first time around six months prior- a urine sample which by this time was bright red and I thought I was a goner for sure as surely it is not right to pee what looked like nothing but blood! Anyway, the antibiotics worked! BUT for the last few years during the diagnosis and anti-biotics episode I have suffered terribly with my digestion. It has affected my sleep, appetite, what I can eat as I got pain to my kidneys/pancreas/ shoulder/appendix you name it! Which brings me to why I am writing this BLOG.
Because I have had to find a way to make myself better through using myself as a 'test dummy' as I only like 'Natural' cures by using correct/healing foods and diet and regime to do it. So I set about using all my past 'Natural' food knowledge to achieve this goal.
I found out myself by using my own body that it seems to me if 'our digestion is not working right, then nothing in our bodies will be working right' so we will be ill as I was, and still now it is a fine line each day. I realised our GUT and what we eat/drink defines us.
However as I say at the start of this BLOG I am NOT a Doctor and wanting to prove wholeheartedly that I am on the right track of the culprit for all our ills being our GUT (except Other external causes i.e. broken arm /leg.) I tried to find may be just one Doctor that is like-minded to prove to myself I am right. Well, I would have been happy to say I found one! BUT I have now found TWO. Both have a huge following, and one was a top heart surgeon in America before like me using himself to test out his theories, and although both have different eating ideas to me and each other they both have videos online stating it is OUR GUT that we need to look after. So on seeing/reading this I was ecstatic as a top ex-heart surgeon shares my beliefs!!! OMG, and I am not a Doctor,
Doctor Eric Berg, please checkout his books/videos online also says fasting helps the body although his diet includes meat so you meat eaters out there can check him out but in general like me you veggies/ vegans should do too as he is full of knowledge on how our body works, which of course I am not . Now this I never knew but oddly enough I generally have something light for breakfast then a meal in the day and that is it until the next day so I have already been doing the fasting all my life but never knew it!
The other ex-heart surgeon a Dr. Stephen Gundry I have only just found and still need to read his best selling books to find out more about him. All I can say is like me he did tests on himself and came to the same conclusion our GUT has to work right.
So there ends my first blog. Next time-I have some exciting news on my latest test I carried out on myself as I was so pleased my GUT Instinct HA, was right, it spurred me onto try something I knew about but had not tried........


So carrying on from my last Blog, You now know my beliefs and that as far as I am concerned our health inside our bodies is governed by our GUTS even if it is this headache or that pain in my kidney. Also with all my digestive problems due to accidents (external forces on my body) that left me bruised and with I imagine swelling internally, due to the pain I was experiencing afterwards and then the courses of anti-biotics for infection although eventually I have felt much better. I know that the anti-biotics I took, kill ALL the bacteria in my GUT they are not selective. Meaning I have still had to watch what I ate and drank and still have been suffering with a lot of symptoms everyday. I am not going to tell you what they are yet so read on.
As you now also know I have found two Doctors that also think the GUT is responsible for our health and as I have told you a fair bit of my ordeal with my digestive organs being affected, I have recently decided to start on a 'NATURAL' health cure that I had read about years ago and have always had in mind, but hadn't resolved to try it, unless I was sure it wasn't just my kidney being bad or just my liver etc But these two Doctors speaking on the GUT had made me think 'I was right and if this is the reason my organs and digestion are 'playing me up' I know what I can try to sort this. Something that will, like a kitchen scales/balance it , it should be possible to get my GUT back into the right balance and to my mind it should mean I can eat/drink and hopefully not have all the pain and more besides. So I have tried it, and this is why I was desperate to share with you my findings from the test on myself and give you a list of my ailments and what the response has been by my guts to this 'NATURAL' Cure!! I wouldn't have believed it and at the time of writing I have not even informed the producers of what I already think is a little 'natural' miracle in a bottle.

Now, me. being me, I didn't follow the advice of amount to take per day and for the time being I am now not taking it as I am all too much aware of our body being a fine balance, but my plan is, should any pain or any digestive/organs etc happen in future I would take the amount as I have this time for however many days I feel I need to, to get my body working as it should again. So I took half a teaspoon in a cup of water for five days on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.
All I was hoping for was some pain in one or two organs to go away, but I have to report all that has happened. So much that I really could not of foretold, and even an answer to an age old question my Grandmother used to ask me all the time. I don't know why she used to ask me, I should have asked her, but may be it was because even when she was alive, I was, as I have told you all ,interested in 'Natural Cures/Preventions' for all our ills from a young age. 'Grandmother I have got your answer, at last, X'.

Now follows a list of all the observed changes in my body since taking ....

AILMENT- Bloating All the time but especially after eating/drinking- (Something I had never suffered from before my health issues/accidents but have since)-
RESULT NOW- Much better than before

AILMENT-Due to Shingles even though the colour of my hands was corrected by Stopping Caffeine, Since digestive/organ issues I had noticed my hands were pale, even skin under my nails. so much so the half moons had disappeared.
RESULT-Already some half moons on my fingers are visible again!

AILMENT- Had a lot of sugar cravings, hungry more than I know to be my normal and not only that but noticed I don't seem to get that 'I am full up now' feeling when eating, to know when to stop.
RESULT- I am not getting any cravings and my 'you are full up internal alarm is restored, if anything I am not hungry as much as I was even normally!

AILMENT- Always tired and not much energy
RESULT- Got energy levels back and now not tired until bedtime

AILMENT- Creaking in bones/joints and at times feeling like they are bending or about to break if I carry heavy object/weight
RESULT- GONE! bones/body feels good strength once more

AILMENT-Absent minded/ memory not good
RESULT- Clarity restored with full purpose! Don't you all agree???? HAAAA

AILMENT-pains in lots of organs internally
RESULT- GONE (for now and I hope for good depending on my food diet)

AILMENT- I had noticed when I pass urine it wasn't loads. Did you know? the average time spent dong this is 21 seconds!
RESULT- I immediately noticed a change of timing as my bladder due to not being bloated (SEE ABOVE RESULT) must suddenly be able to hold more and so it is much longer at 40-60 seconds

AILMENT- irregular bowel movements
RESULT- regular and more consistent (enough said or more than enough)

AILMENT- SKIN on back of hands seemed very thin and shiny in appearance like I was 200 and something HA
RESULT- already gone back to a matt appearance and more elastic and healthy looking

AILMENT- (THIS ONE IS FOR YOU GRANDMOTHER if she were alive to read it) Her question to me was always 'why do we get wrinkles and lines around our mouths and how can I get rid of them? I used to say 'I don't know, try some moisturizer and I think it is just that our gums around our teeth must recede with age meaning the skin around our mouths sags in.' THIS WOULD NOT BE MY ANSWER NOW< here is my answer
RESULT- the plumpness of my top/bottom lip has been restored to I would say teenage perfection with lines hardly visible OMG!!!- YES REALLY!- all you ladies out there if ever I could give you helpful advice to looking as good as you can it is this one

AILMENT- Nail colour seemed pale/yellow
RESULT- Look like a French manicure colour now.

I am just sorry that with some of the ailments I did not take before and after photos but even I didn't expect such a range of rapid or varied body response results. PLEASE NOTE I have used this product because I felt I had LOW stomach Acid.

I am so convinced already by this bottle of 'natural cure' I feel like it is like the 'Mac and Jack' wonder potion video for 'say say say'.
But seriously, I can't think of any other ailments right now but that was enough for anyone HA. I just wasn't expecting to see such rapid changes and I just had to share my experimental experiences with all of you so that you can decide for yourselves.
I will say this has worked for me as I was trying to put more acid back into my GUT to activate it to work efficiently. From my research I now know it can help with pre-diabetes/ bloating/ cholesterol/supress appetite which can help with weight loss/Fatigue and a multitude of problems. So do Google/ research it yourselves to see if this product is something that could help you.
My huge Thanks has to go to WILLY's Apple Cider Vinegar with LIVE MOTHER (very important you get the' live mother') I have only purchased the original variety.
When I followed them recently on Twitter I was stunned that the whole world isn't following them already!
I will just add that I am not being paid to mention/advertise this product whatsoever. It is just too good a product not to shout about it. Good Luck and Good Health X
I did just want to add that if you are on any medication or not DO PLEASE check with your Doctor First

Health And Beauty Blog3

If you are wondering why my Health Blog is now showing a blog about 'Beauty' All will become clear and it has nothing to do with me- far from it! .
Today I want to tell you all about how I became aware of the fact that some of our 'make-up ', the very items we use to help us to look as good as we can, do not all have very beautiful ways. I am of course talking about 'Animal Testing' and 'product ingredients' . Now although I knew about animal testing and ingredients with long names that I was wary of, years ago, there were not at the time as far as I knew about anyway, any alternatives as there were only magazines/newspapers/books for information. Until I watched a romantic comedy series on television that is. As a and still am 'singleton' following the on /off romances/trials and tribulations of the character 'Jenny' I became hooked on this TV delight! The part of Jenny (Russell) was played by the most stunningly beautiful long blonde-haired, perfect voice sounding, clever Actress called Carol Royle, so quite why or how 'Jenny' would ever be in such predicaments is still baffling.
I soon found out a lot more about this admirable lady as she shares a passion of mine -ANIMALS (and the protection of) . Not only this, it is completely due to Carol that I was able to find a 'Make-up collection' that is completely NOT ANIMAL TESTED and
IS CRUELTY FREE, and Vegetarian/Vegan and contains only NATURAL ingredients which is not only good for you, but also for the animals and the planet. WIN,WIN. Carol was the Lady advertising the 'Beauty Without Cruelty' collection. Here is a photo of Carol advertising the range of products as the face for 'Beauty Without Cruelty' and you can see why, as she proves 'Beauty' comes from within and by her choice to use animal friendly cruelty free products.


Carol Royle as I found out, is what I think of as a real 'earth angel'. Somebody who is helping the world by showing us all, there is a way of living in harmony with our fellow creatures with kindness and compassion without making a detrimental impact on animals and the environment . This Lady is also, as her Links Page https://www.carolroyle.co.uk/Links of her official website attests, a true animal defender and they need her, so long may she continue. Because of this very fine Lady I had to write this article, to say a huge 'Thank You' from me for helping me to keep animals from harm and keep my 'Natural' beliefs by using ingredients that are good for my skin/health but also to introduce Carol Royle to all of you in the hope that all of you too, will, like I did, be able to change to more healthy and animal friendly make up products. I think Carol Royle is so deserving of the highest of accolades- an award from Her Majesty The Queen and I would go so far as to say one from The Church too!. for all she has done for animals this Lady is a SAINT!
Please do check out the Carol Royle official website - https://www.carolroyle.co.uk/ and her links page above as it has a link near the end of page to inform you all about Cruelty Free Products. Promotional Photo courtesy of and by kind permission of Carol Royle .

Dog Food Health and Allergies BLOG 4

I have had a French Bulldog puppy for about 4 years and during that time I have had an absolute nightmare of a time because very early on my vet and I discovered he had allergies to his food. Noticeably his ears were swollen and this was causing an infection to ears by means of a brown waxy discharge. I started to try alternative dry complete dog food to what I fed my other dogs in the hope of a cure for his ears. This has led to me finding out that as he was definitely allergic to wheat, I changed to grain free BUT he was also allergic (as new allergy showed itself as time and food changed) to fish, chicken, lamb, duck, pork, and I just want to say here that having spent an hour in large Pet stores and smaller Pet stores that I found out very quickly that as business acumen goes pet food manufacturers are not to me the brightest dog biscuit in the bag! Because they are ALL competing against themselves in the wheat biscuit range as apart from the branding they are pretty much at least to my opinion the same across the range. Gosh if only I had the business acumen myself I would be bringing a product out for exactly the type of dog mine is-Allergic. So there was nothing left- except a grain free biscuit complete dry food,. Unfortunately it made not a lot of difference to his ears and I was finding out more things he was allergic to, even little things like seaweed. I decided having tried all the dry foods to put him on Human food. This was a breakthrough I found white rice NOT brown (brown isn't even so good for us-arsenic in ground, the rice is grown in, is more prevalent in the brown stuff for a start. Note here this may be why I saw a video recently by Russell Brand on baby food having a problem as it is is the ground the food is grown in how do you get it out? ) Good enough reason to ensuring you rinse it well until water runs clear before even boiling/steaming/or making risottos) Did you Know- Jane Austen's glasses had traces of arsenic on the frames, whether she consumed much rice I know not!-I digress. So, keeping a dog food diary I noticed within a mere three days into his white rice diet his ears stopped being swollen and there was a great improvement in his gait as he had always walked with what I would describe as stiffly as if having consumed a little too much food. However the brown ears was still there, not as bad. I started to introduce vegetables by trial and error so that I could know what he could and couldn't eat for sure . I stayed on the rice and veg with him for the longest time but ultimately he needed I felt more nutrition at least in the form of vitamins/minerals. I introduced a multi-vitamin and found he was allergic as his ears swelled got hot and browner again. It had a yeast as the basis. This I felt was just fuelling the fire. I stopped and decided due to his now loss of weight on this diet I would have to put him back on a balanced dog food but what now???? I bought a tinned grain free meat with just vitamins/minerals added he seemed okay for sometime but suddenly I felt he was ill. Was it the food again? I gave a tiny amount to another of my dogs and suddenly she too was looking uncomfortable. Oh NO! It must be the food again as I had had dodgy one off cans in the past for other dogs so recognised the signs- I stopped and decided to feed him the only option left to me in dog foods- RAW!.
Now being vegetarian myself this for me really IS the last resort as opening a tin of cooked dog meat is bad enough for me but this is the ultimate No No but if it gives the dog what he needs to be well so be it! This brings you right up to date as at this moment I found he was allergic to turkey and beef too so much so he is drastically ill and I actually had to rush him to the vet last week as he is fighting just to survive now as an infection has compromised his immune system and is eating his skin. He has also lost use of back legs, but since vet trip one leg is now working and the other I am praying for. The vet advised me to go back on the white rice and vegetables diet asking why I took him off that?. The answer to that I have explained above. Certainly IF he pulls through he shall not be having any dog food because for allergy dogs like him there is nothing suitable. Please Note- dog food manufacturers. This week .could be my final week with him as like us all during this pandemic he is fighting for his survival . I hope he wins! As I write this he is asleep at my feet. I will keep you all updated on his progress. I hope any of you out there having found a similar problem with your dog can read this in the hope it may help you in your own plight although like us every dog is different so my disclaimer applies above VET advice first. I felt urged to write this today as I read an article saying scientists have found a strain of bacteria in raw dog foods that is resistant to anti-biotics.

Blog 5- Garlic, and Sauerkraut and Cinnamon

I got a call and a text from two different pals around the same day and time asking for advice. Which sounds weird I know as you are well aware and so are they that I am not a Doctor. However, I am quite a geek when it comes to all things 'natural' and although they had different problems I recommended Garlic to both as one had high blood pressure the other had Gout.. So today I am going to tell you about the power of Garlic first- It belongs to the Onion family so if you can't eat onion (avoid this). If you can, eat it , use no more than 1 clove in one day as it is quite powerful and use in cooking, never raw as it can burn your oesophagus One crushed or chopped it realises allicin a powerful ingredient. It can help with lowering blood pressure, it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and even anti-parasitic for some conditions. It is also anti-inflammatory and I have found again like the ACV in my second blog here, that is has helped me no end with stopping bloating. Look this up for yourselves as it is a little miracle worker. I am not covering a supplement type of Garlic here as this may surprise you BUT I am NOT a supplement believer. My Natural beliefs stem from the believe of us being what we eat, and by solely using the food we eat as a way to aid natural health. As I believe IF you are eating the right foods, supplements should not be necessary, in a fit and healthy body.

In a similar line of thought I want to tell you about Sauerkraut a fermented raw white cabbage which I personally eat hot/warm and I have also found this to help me no end too and like with Garlic I can see a noticeable decrease in my waistline the day after consuming either of these as they really do help the digestive system and reduce inflammation and bloating and sauerkraut is probiotic and can help with good bacteria in the gut it also provides fibre and vitamin C and K2 (healthy bones). It can also help food cravings as it makes you feel satisfied for longer which can also help with weight loss It can help constipation but too much can lead to Diarrhoea. So you have been warned- this is good in small quantities. Like anything I talk about here.

Lastly Cinnamon and Diabetes type 2- we all love a cinnamon flavoured treat and I was bought up on cinnamon German biscuits, which I still love today but in actual fact sugar and cinnamon could not be a better pairing, as too much sugar as we all know can lead to diabetes and there is no stopping that unless, you reduce your consumption but the good news is- combine sugar with cinnamon, and the cinnamon actually helps to maintain blood sugar levels and reduce blood pressure . Is like Sauerkraut and Garlic in it is anti-inflammatory anti-fungal abilities but also contains antioxidants. People with Liver problems be more wary. It can potentially help early Alzheimer's Disease too. Again, there is much to be said about Cinnamon so do look it up for yourselves.

Blog 6 SALT
Recommended daily dietary requirement 1teaspoon approx.
SALT When I was very ill in last few years I cut out salt as much as possible until I felt better. Also if you watch my bread making video you will hear me talk about being careful with how much salt you eat. What I did not say was I think it is more to do with the type of SALT you eat.
TABLE SALT- This is purely salt (sodium) as opposed to Rock or Sea Salt which also includes other minerals from sea water. Rock Salt being the supposed best for health purposes than the cheaper sea salt.
Back to Table Salt- I have in the past so still have- purpura's or blood spots on some areas of my skin mainly front torso but this is one on my arm see photo.
purpura (blood spots)

I remember asking Doctor about these and was not given any reason for them or why I had them! It wasn't until I did some research and a Doctor was talking about how table salt in particular being nothing but salt as ingredient with its grainy consistency that eating too much of this form would cause the veins to be scratched and could lead to bleeding through the skin! OMG! Finally I had my answer, because I was and do love ready salted crisps! What type of salt do they use?, oddly enough most packets do not state!! Hands up, who thinks it will be the cheapest variety- the Table Salt!
I cannot prove my theory and it is only a theory but it would make sense as it is the grains he said that act like sand paper on the artery walls.
I therefore think that all crisp manufacturers should have to state what type of Salt they are using.So that we can make an informed decision which to buy.
Another Product to lower you salt intake is a 'Reduced Salt '
As for reduced salt varieties- yes that would be a good thing BUT what is in place of a percentage of salt?. More other types of sodium! and potassium. Not something I have tried. However if it is replaced by a potassium those with kidney,heart or high blood pressure (although it may help to lower blood pressure as it does the reverse of salt it may not be good for heart.or kidneys in those with problems or on medications.
Salt is generally added/hidden in a variety of foods we eat from bread to biscuits . Something to bear in mind when you eat any ready made item as if you see at beginning of this topic I have given you the daily recommended intake, although I do think we are all individuals and a lot depends on exercise as if you are highly active or sweating you will lose salts in the sweat. However too much can lead to high blood pressure, even though sea water is supposedly the same consistency as our own bloodstream. Salt along with other minerals is even in Spring Water and tap water!
Salt- acts not only as a preservative (from Victorian times before refrigerators or freezers) But also as a flavour because salt or sugar (another topic I will come to in another blog) is one of the easiest for our taste buds to recognise giving a food flavour.
I may add more to this topic as I think of something more I would like to say in future.

Verrucas and Warts

For as long as I can remember My Grandmother and My Mother had frequented a Chiropodist. In my Grandmother's case it was because she had bunions caused by her shoe choices/or not as a young girl. For both my Grandmother and Mother I always thought of these trips being a way to look after their feet, like they did with their hair by going to the hairdresser's each week. It is hardly surprising then that over the years I have never questioned any trips or why. My Grandmother is no longer around to go, but lately Mother happened to tell me that she had verrucas on her little toe .
My alarm bells started ringing in my head! What? Surely this cannot be right? Surely we all shouldn't just have to put up with a body malfunction as a symptom of old age!
The next thing I was astounded by was, she told me she has had this Verruca problem for (are you Sitting Down?) 12 years!!!
Yes, 12 years!
I asked Mother if she would be willing to try a new treatment as through my research I actually found out that verrucas and or warts are really just an area of skin that has a change to its PH through a small break to the skin or something else, which then allows a virus to grow and take hold culminating in the verruca/wart.
Mother agreed hesitantly but did say it had cost her a lot over the years so would be very glad not to have to go.
Step 1- The next few days I told Mother to wash and scrape off with a pumice stone or her nails and soap and water the silver nitrate black dye, but don't make it sore or break the skin- be patient. Around a week later Mother was ready for the next step.
Step 2- I told her to put half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with live mother (mentioned in one of my first blogs here) into a mug of water and stir well. Then with a cotton wool bud, dab it on the area where the verruca is and let it air dry. If it immediately hurts the mix is too strong so add more water and to stop if it goes red or is dry/ sore or if the skin breaks/bleeds. Then next day try to get the old dead verruca skin away/off with pumice or your own nails, being careful NOT to make it bleed or force the procedure. (finger nails not metal nails) I didn't want this to be a rushed approach as that could lead to skin breaks or burns from acid in vinegar. Also with my newly formed knowledge I knew it won't take me 12 years to get this sorted.
Now here Mother took over herself as unbeknown to me she had decided to treat this not the once a day I suggested but twice AM and PM. I can tell you now Mother is still doing this routine
At the start, after Mother had removed the black dye. I asked her to send me a photo via her phone. Here it is, on side of her little toe.

Before Toe

And here is the most recent photo after about a week!!!

Getting Better photo 2

I will update as soon as I get another photo from Mother but I can tell you Mother said it is a lot smoother and she can see, as can I, and I hope you all can. That it is nowhere near as pronounced as it was and does look smoother, because the acid changes the skin PH. Making it unsuitable for virus to grow. We both hope this true story helps any of you out there and saves you money! Also Mother cancelled her appointment. . As even, my Stepfather who was able to observe this experiment, could not believe his eyes- 12 years!