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Nicole Bourcier Photographer/Artist/Author
Nicole Bourcier Photographer/Artist/Author

My Tribute Band Page

If you have been keeping up with my news page, you won't be surprised to see that I have added this new page. It is to say that I am on the search for musicians to back me in forming a Tribute Band to Sweet. If you are interested in joining my band please use contact form page and I will get back to You -ASAP. For what I hope will be the NEW tribute Band to The Sweet.
Early Days, but for bookings for 2021 (All Being Well) Please use contact form in first instance.
Aside from the fact I am actually a girl, my reasons for doing this are many. Firstly I grew up around the same area, and the band even rehearsed once in the Hotel Ballroom that my parent's managed in Isleworth. They are still my favourite band of all, ever. In later years, I have photographed Brian Connolly.
I have suffered from similar health problems although from different reasons as the famous singer.In fact so much so that it is one of those cases of saying 'you just couldn't write it!' This combined with the fact friends have often compared me to him in looks and dress. I am even the same height!
As I am now much older than the late singer was, when he left us all, I am aiming to take the baton and carry on , to recreate a tribute group with all the hits, sights and sounds of the best group ever. LOOKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!