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Nicole Bourcier Photographer/Artist/Author
Nicole Bourcier Photographer/Artist/Author

A Drawn Out Tale (bio of my love of Drawing)

I have always loved Drawing and as I am getting older it is something I like more now as it allows me to sit and rest and if I am lucky enough be warm too, depending on where I am seated. When I was a child I used to draw my favourite images from animation and a relative used to proudly display my drawings in the family shop in London. One day a Man asked to buy a picture not an unusual occurrence but this Man was different. My relative explained 'No, they are drawn by my young relative and not for sale' She just draws them for us, for the shop.' the Man then asked 'how does she draw them?' He was told 'By Hand all free-hand'. The man then wanted to meet me! Not only that but he announced he was actually to do with Disney and told my relative he wanted to take me back to America with him to draw! Now I look back on that event just as you would- it is a dream a fairytale a Disney movie, this just does not happen in real life. Life does not go so easy, not for any of us- I thought! I was young but sceptical and wary of flying to America alone. I never met the Man so there my story ends, we will never know but my relative always thought I had missed a golden opportunity. Now being much wiser I would still have thought the same but being older and wiser would also know to take any chances you are offered as no they don't come around often if at all and when they do- make the fairytales and happy endings happen. I would love the chance to work or see inside a working old time style animation studio that is for sure- a Dream!
I know friends and all of you out there in social media land are enjoying seeing me draw on video. I do this so I can prove it really is ME drawing them and not a computer grabbed program which I am actually trained in a little, but anyway do not have access to any programs but drawn in real time old school as that is the look I prefer.
As for Happy Endings I shall just have to draw one ..............