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Nicole Bourcier Photographer/Artist/Author

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I thought I would start a page of varied topics from chat or thoughts I may have on any given day Unlike my news page which only focuses on my news, this page could feature anything at all and being the eccentric I am, quite likely . Hope you enjoy wherever they may lead you...., If you would like to join in the conversation or give your own thoughts please leave your comment below by using contact page. Thank You
FIRST TOPIC- Pesticides verses Organic?
As some of you may have noticed I have started not only this page but also a Health BLOG Page too. So my first topic here is actually related to Health as I have been pondering for years this question-Organic verses Pesticides which is better for us, the planet, and the fauna?
And for years, my answer is still the same in that I still do not think we have gone far enough. I do think pesticides may help produce more crops as it eradicates pests/disease but in doing so I feel anything we eat is subjected to must contain even minute traces you would think. Not to mention the poor creatures that get in the way of the crop spraying etc.
On the other end of the scales is the seemingly at first glance a much better idea of Organic-Yippee, let's celebrate no more harmful chemicals/pesticides on our crops, or hurting the atmosphere or the fauna. Before you all jump around with glee my thought has and still is this...... I do not believe we are quite there yet. As yes I like organic better but as a vegetarian I know that the organic soil the crops are grown in under the organic status can use BLOOD or BONE fertiliser and this actually puts me off MORE than risking the pesticides for now which sounds ludicrous I know because also I know from having tasted organic produce compared to pesticide produced I do think the flavours are much better in organic food, but because it is not labelled to state or have a symbol stating something like 'we do not use any animal/human by products to grow this food' Hold on, you say why have I said 'human by-products???' Because and to be fair this may not be an organic use at all or it may be more a pesticide grower use but I have certainly been aware of a few farmers being paid to have human sewerage put on their land where our potatoes were then grown. So there are a lot more things I am not keen on about that as the first thought is obviously -not everybody that uses the bathroom is going to be fighting fit and even animal by-products are all the animals healthy that we are then growing our potential food in??? Lots to think on there! Anyway my final analysis is that I do not think we are quite right yet. I say organic, but I for one do not want my vegetables grown in animal blood or bone either! And why is there no label on organic produce to state soil content is 'animal by-product free' as that would be something to celebrate.

Time For Change- The Good Life ,CHAT 2

I was responding to a video I saw recently and how society needs to change. Certainly I feel the ever coming in bills for Electricity Water, Council Tax, Gas, etc, needs to change as I was very surprised that even during the Lockdowns- when we cannot go out, that none of these bills were then- free, as if we all have a money tree in the garden to miraculously come up with the demands.
The struggles and constant worry of how to fund these and food is a never ending cycle leading us all to have to slog ourselves to death until we do just that. Even as a child I thought we had it all wrong as the people with the really flash sports cars and nice clothes and lifestyle often appeared to be those that were retired, in other words OLD! If ever I did see a really nice car it was always driven by a guy that had clearly worked all his life just to finally buy the dream car at a time when really he was too old to really enjoy it. I remember thinking ' People are travelling around the world or going on jungle tours at a time when they are not really fit enough to do so and how silly are our rules for life if you have to wait until then to have any fun as not all of us make it!' However, now having reached the OLD part myself I have realised that mentally we all think the same as we did as kids- least I do (it is the same brain I was born with HA)
I thought it would be far better if we were all able to do and have what we wanted as young adults. Although, without this constant burden of money worries that stops our dreams and plagues us all I don't see how. Something has to change. Man, I have always felt is His own worst enemy. As only he would set up a society of constant worry, haves and have nots all because of the need for money. When I was younger I always thought it would be good to be in a hippie commune and still do, but only for a few minutes, as having had many neighbour problems over the years at various homes I came to realize it takes more than me to be the person that 'gives and takes'- in order to live in close proximity to others and I have personally found most don't! They want to do exactly what they want to do, but it anybody else around them wants to do the same they completely 'throw their toys out of the pram' over it. It seems more a case of 'we want to do what we want and live in close proximity to others BUT the others mustn't be allowed to have a life of their own if we don't like what it is they are doing' Hardly 'Live and let Live' Much more 'Live and Let Die'-Well-spotted, Linda! (My Hero)
Also wanting to test my theory of friends who always spoke about their dreams and wishing they could just change course or do whatever they dream of- I have ultimately found when you present, even hypothetically (which of course I knew it was-just testing) their dream come true in that second I have yet to meet one pal or person that takes it! They immediately give me a barrage of excuses why not! We are all institutionalised and the thought of us getting off the rails is just a dream for the many.