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Nicole Bourcier Photographer/Artist/Author
Nicole Bourcier Photographer/Artist/Author

Lookalike/Soundalike/Tributes HIRE

If you have seen some other pages here, you will know I do Impressions of different people so with that in mind- Here is my page for Impressions/Soundalike/Lookalike Hire. Use my contact form if you want a look or soundalike from me in person at your event. Impressions from Lookalikes to Soundalikes to Tributes see here for my list which will be updated routinely or ASK as I may have just the impression/look/sound to match.

Tribute- Brian Connolly- The Sweet.

Jack Wild- H.R. Puf''n'Stuf

Pamela Anderson- Baywatch

My soundalikes can also be found on my youtube channel